Understand How Much Your Plan Really Costs You

When your business sponsors a company 401(k) plan, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your employee participants to only pay what is considered reasonable for fees and expenses to your service providers and investment managers.

Do you know with certainty that you are paying the lowest amount, for the highest quality of service and support that you can receive?

If you aren’t sure, we’re here to help.

We compare your fees to competitors and the average of all plans for companies of your size so you can gain a full understanding of what you’re paying now and how it might be possible for you to lower your costs in the future.

We are confident that our high-tech, high-touch services can help reduce your fees and give you peace of mind that you are maintaining your fiduciary duty for all of your employee participants. 

Check Your 401(k) Fees with a Vision Test

Here’s what we’ll do for you when we run a 401(k) Vision Test:

  • Review the fees you’re paying right now
  • Take a look at all the plan features you currently receive
  • Analyze if your current plan is the correct plan for a company of your size
  • Suggest improvements you can make, such as utilizing Safe Harbor plans that include a two-year vesting requirement 

Get your questions answered so you can have the detailed information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your businesses’ 401(k) plan. The information you share with us is always private and confidential.

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